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DoWG Dogs of War Gaming

BANNED for quietly and forcibly making their own members vote without them knowing and/or willing.

How they were caught

FALLOUT: Summary of accusations & responses



You cheated, you got caught, and you're angry about it. Here's some advice: Grow the fuck up.

I expect a high response rate from the 3 members of DoWG- It's people like them that are ruining the gaming community. They don't use cognition to actually look at it from all angles and realize that they are dead wrong. You, as a faithful user, should expect to see messages and tweets from these people saying top100clans.com is full of shit and to implement the auto-vote script. If you adhere to the script, you will get banned too. And I'll write a lovely summary about your clan, to be posted on the wall of shame FOREVER.

Twitter handles for unruly DoWG members:

@seabeesrock this guy bought all 7000 of his twitter followers. Just view one of his videos on youtube, there's no way anyone would follow him.

@Duffy1293 this kid is just dumb. He believes Facebook is in the business of bringing friends and family together rather than making money.

@Voice59200645 this guy has a throwaway twitter account, it will probably never be used again. He also thinks that people can vote 5000 times a day using proxies.