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Can you tweet my message?
Of course I can! We like to help out those looking for new recruits or just general advertising of clans. Tweet us @top100clans we'll review the tweet, and re-tweet it!

The Top100Clans link on my site doesn't let me vote.
It's likely a problem with the URL that you inputted when you set up your account. Login to your account, retype the URL, save, try to vote again. Also, redirect URLs will not work, make sure you input the URL of your homepage.

I didn't receive a confirmation email after signing up.
Check your junk mail folder. If it's not there, login in to your profile and double-check your email address. Tweet or direct message us for additional help.

I see multiple copies of my site on Top100Clans.com.
Tweet @top100clans with your website info and the duplicate. Once we verify you, then we will remove the duplicate and credit any votes.

How do I contact an admin?
Direct Message us on Twitter: @Top100Clans